Rotherfold Project


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Project Overview

The Rotherfold Square is designed as a garden/public space open to all members of the public, with the added benefit that residents should feel a real sense of ownership, due to its feeling of privacy and inclusion of garden features.

It is accessed through 3 gateways from two corners and one side of the square. These gateways need not be gated and therefore allow pedestrians to cross the space as they do now, but are limited in number to encourage a sense of enclosure to the busy north-west corner.

The four existing Grade B trees are retained and four new trees are planted to replace the Grade C trees. This results in a lighter more spacious feel to the garden, and would allow the remaining Grade B trees to grow unhindered. Four new trees are proposed to edge the garden. These are located on the north and east boundaries and should provide a tree canopy to the adjoining streets in addition to visually defining the edge of the square, without overshadowing it.


The Rotherfold project

At an initial, well attended, public meeting in November 2011, attendees demonstrated a shared ambition to improve the amenity, environment and facilities of the Rotherfold Square at the top end of the town for the benefit of the local community, local business and visitors. A wide range of ideas and proposals for improvement of the Rotherfold were expressed. It was decided to hold a further meeting early in 2012, to seek views from local residents and the wider community and to agree a process for trying to reach a consensus on the parameters to inform the design of an improvement plan.

The second meeting at the end of January, while not so well attended, was widely advertised and many suggestions were received. Clearly there was a need to distil these ideas and take the work forward. A Steering Group was formed to undertake that work. Part of its task will be to ensure that all relevant stakeholders and statutory bodies are engaged with local residents and the community throughout the development.

Future Objectives